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Swedes are downright cool



I’m sure it doesn’t come up in conversation much but the Swedes are “so randomly rad.”
You maybe be thinking bullshit, but…..

Think about that ABBA song playing in the background while you are sitting at your Ikea desk.

Are you pairing that H&M blazer with a pair of Acne Jeans and Filippa K shoes?

Wait, are you shoving Swedish meatballs in your mouth, while watching a Greta Garbo movie?

They even have their word for “take a coffee break”. FIKA.

The Swedish coffee culture was the inspiration for FIKA ESPRESSO BAR. It’s a modern coffee haven that imports their beans from Sweden. You easily feel you’re somewhere other than New York, with the selection of pastries and chocolates making you lose track of time.



I am a New Yorker who enjoys drinking coffee and taking my time doing it.

One response to “Swedes are downright cool

  1. crustabakes ⋅

    OOH, i am so loving the swedish coffee culture. Its hip and refreshing. 🙂

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