To pretty to drink Part Duex


Would you like to sit down?

I hate giving up my seat on the subway.  I usually have my earphones on or my head in a book so the elderly or pregnant won’t guilt me to give up my seat.  I’m know I’m an ass, and decided to be a more considerate person.

So when I looked and saw my 9th Street Espresso Coffee, just hanging out on the floor—my heart melted.  Just look at the sleek logo against a black background….CHIC.  This coffee is the elite of the elite and deserves to be elevated on a pedestal!

Bitches Bitching

So the other day I went to Brooklyn to bitch with one of my best bitches over coffee. But which topics to bitch about? That being self-employed holds no benefits when tax time comes?   Apartment hunting ?  The antiquated ritual of marriage?  Working in a job that is under staffed? The negatives of having a boyfriend?  the shit weather in the city and how mother nature seems really pissed off?  Or the  New York dream of buying a $600,000 1-bdrm apartment—-in Brooklyn?

This whole experience made me realize something significant- Bitching is the new calm, calm is the new crazy, and women who are blissfully happy are psychopaths.

Opinions are easy to make, if someone tells you what to think

I’m very impressionable.  When I was young, I would throw up if I ate a banana… until someone told me it was their favorite fruit. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 8 years… after my boyfriend told me how gross meat was.  And I regularly spend $10 on a juice….knowing it is cold pressed organic.

So, when I told one of my friends I was at Cafe Cafe the other day, he bashed it to hell.  So, I’m not sure what I would have written about Cafe Cafe but all I can remember about it is what my friend said, “It’s $2.17 for a weak coffee.”

I’m over it.

Good Coffee Comes in Small Place

No wifi. Barely any room to sit, maybe three stools inside and a wooden plank to stand by outside. Long lines, where you have to politely shuffle to the front.  I’m talking about true purists who refuse to use soy because it doesn’t steam right.

Besides being one of the best if not THE best coffee in the East Village, there is just something so fulfilling about grabbing a macchiato at Abraço Espresso.

The Rich Left Wanting

I had high hopes going to the Financier after a few of my friends talked it up.  Even with the over optimistically green-yellow decor,  I still dug the Parisian/Swiss springtime vibe they’re shooting for.

So I got my coffee which came with a mini loaf of bread and thought, the presentation was “on point.”
I expected a rich density in the flavor but I got a weak watered brew.  I was flat-out disappointed.

I will not be buying tins of coffee grounds, but when I’m feeling depressed I suppose I’ll come back for the pastries.

Swedes are downright cool



I’m sure it doesn’t come up in conversation much but the Swedes are “so randomly rad.”
You maybe be thinking bullshit, but…..

Think about that ABBA song playing in the background while you are sitting at your Ikea desk.

Are you pairing that H&M blazer with a pair of Acne Jeans and Filippa K shoes?

Wait, are you shoving Swedish meatballs in your mouth, while watching a Greta Garbo movie?

They even have their word for “take a coffee break”. FIKA.

The Swedish coffee culture was the inspiration for FIKA ESPRESSO BAR. It’s a modern coffee haven that imports their beans from Sweden. You easily feel you’re somewhere other than New York, with the selection of pastries and chocolates making you lose track of time.