To pretty to drink


The Rich Left Wanting

I had high hopes going to the Financier after a few of my friends talked it up.  Even with the over optimistically green-yellow decor,  I still dug the Parisian/Swiss springtime vibe they’re shooting for.

So I got my coffee which came with a mini loaf of bread and thought, the presentation was “on point.”
I expected a rich density in the flavor but I got a weak watered brew.  I was flat-out disappointed.

I will not be buying tins of coffee grounds, but when I’m feeling depressed I suppose I’ll come back for the pastries.

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

This spermy looking thing was made while I was drinking my MAD MAX from Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee at South Street Seaport.  This place makes me feel like I’m at home without being at home.  They use a coffeemaker that stirs the coffee grounds while it’s brewing, hence “stir brew coffee.” I know that they have yet to find a cure for cancer but on a brighter note, this new process uniformly mixes, blends and saturates the grounds.