Would you like to sit down?

I hate giving up my seat on the subway.  I usually have my earphones on or my head in a book so the elderly or pregnant won’t guilt me to give up my seat.  I’m know I’m an ass, and decided to be a more considerate person.

So when I looked and saw my 9th Street Espresso Coffee, just hanging out on the floor—my heart melted.  Just look at the sleek logo against a black background….CHIC.  This coffee is the elite of the elite and deserves to be elevated on a pedestal!


Good Coffee Comes in Small Place

No wifi. Barely any room to sit, maybe three stools inside and a wooden plank to stand by outside. Long lines, where you have to politely shuffle to the front.  I’m talking about true purists who refuse to use soy because it doesn’t steam right.

Besides being one of the best if not THE best coffee in the East Village, there is just something so fulfilling about grabbing a macchiato at Abraço Espresso.

Perfect Weather for an Ice Coffee Stain

It’s 60 degrees in New York so I stopped by The Bean and got an ice coffee and espresso cheesecake.  The biggest perk, besides a great location for people watching, is they are 110% doggie friendly. Grab a coffee and a dog biscuit for your pooch and sit and listen in on other peoples conversations.


Since I’m moving to the Financial District, this is the last time I will visit my bodega, Adinah’s Farms in the East Village.  In my opinion, it is the best bodega on the Eastside and at night the sassy Korean cashier will feed you compliments.  I got a small coffee in honor of the moment.  I’m going to miss the teddy bear on the lid the most.