Would you like to sit down?

I hate giving up my seat on the subway.  I usually have my earphones on or my head in a book so the elderly or pregnant won’t guilt me to give up my seat.  I’m know I’m an ass, and decided to be a more considerate person.

So when I looked and saw my 9th Street Espresso Coffee, just hanging out on the floor—my heart melted.  Just look at the sleek logo against a black background….CHIC.  This coffee is the elite of the elite and deserves to be elevated on a pedestal!


Good Coffee Comes in Small Place

No wifi. Barely any room to sit, maybe three stools inside and a wooden plank to stand by outside. Long lines, where you have to politely shuffle to the front.  I’m talking about true purists who refuse to use soy because it doesn’t steam right.

Besides being one of the best if not THE best coffee in the East Village, there is just something so fulfilling about grabbing a macchiato at Abraço Espresso.

Why the fuck is the ghost the bad guy?

Photo by Natalie Barragan

I grew up on a farm in Ohio, so I never really played pac-man except for the few times I could get away from my Asian mother and hard-assed father at the mall.  She was no Tiger Mom, but let’s take into account the first time I went to a movie theater I was 14. I know, its fucking weird. Looking at this brewprint makes me nostalgic for the white-cocky-American childhood I didn’t get.

Welcome to the Mile High Club, Assholes Wanted


I hate flying United.  You pay for food, headphone and your carry on luggage.  There is always a kid screaming in the cabin and your sitting next to a guy that won’t shut up.  The only way to get everyone to leave you alone is to have a coffee and Heinekon because it makes you look like a asshole.

Stumptown and a Ray of Sunshine

If you find yourself walking aimlessly around 29th Street, take a breather at the Ace Hotel and grab a Stumptown espresso to feel like an elitist.   You can hang out in the cafe or sit in the lobby, where you can  read, people watch and get online.  I highly recommend making friends with the baristas because they are some of the best looking guys I’ve seen in the city.